Ever experienced the frustration of your car’s AC blowing hot air on a scorching summer day? It’s a common scenario that can quickly turn a refreshing drive into a sweaty ordeal. Understanding the root causes can help you cool down in no time.

A refrigerant leak is often to blame, causing the AC system to lose its cooling power as the refrigerant evaporates into gas. Recharging the system is necessary to restore proper function.

Another culprit could be a worn-out compressor, the vital component responsible for converting refrigerant from gas to liquid to extract heat from the cabin. Regularly running the AC and scheduling diagnostic checks can extend its lifespan.

Navigating the intricate network of wires, fuses, and pressure switches in the AC system can be challenging. Even a minor malfunction can trigger a shutdown for safety reasons.

While there could be other underlying issues, these are among the most common culprits. If your AC is acting up, don’t sweat it. Bring your car to our skilled auto repair technicians at Mike Smith Tire & Auto for a thorough diagnosis. Your passengers will thank you for it!