Summer signals for adventure, a time to hit the open road with loved ones or embark on a journey of fun and discovery. Yet, ensuring a smooth journey requires thorough preparation. From a thorough vehicle inspection to anticipating unforeseen circumstances, the experts at Mike Smith Tire Pros have curated essential steps to prepare you for the road ahead.

Inspect Your Spare Tire:

Before setting out, always ensure your spare tire is in prime condition and properly inflated. It’s easy to overlook this crucial component tucked away in your vehicle, yet its reliability could be a lifesaver in times of need.

Equip a Roadside Emergency Kit:

Be proactive by stocking your vehicle with a roadside emergency kit including vital items like jumper cables, road flares, bottled water and a blanket providing peace of mind should unexpected issues arise during your journey.

Schedule a Pre-Trip Inspection:

Visit our team of experts at Mike Smith Tire & Auto for a comprehensive pre-trip inspection. Our multi-point vehicle inspection includes components such as tire pressure, car battery health, fluid levels, and wiper blade condition. Any necessary repairs or maintenance recommendations will be addressed, guaranteeing your vehicle is road ready.

As you embark on your summer travels, we wish you safe and memorable adventures. Trust our team to keep you cruising smoothly along your route.